KTA provides us a very nice, friendly and awesome environment with special attraction of virtual university in which all the students of KTA only, can discuss the chapters and modules in a very good manner.


KTA helps us to build a new personality by regular grooming checks and English classes. It provides us a mock up training class also which helps us in understanding the inside of an aircraft.

I remember the day when I joined Kingfisher Training Academy; I used to be a funky person, immature but now after completing the course, I have found drastic changes in myself, now I have been transformed into a mature person, people praise me for any attitude. This course has really changed my life.

I found KTA is the best Institute for doing this course.


They are provide us good ambience, good facilities also the faculty is really good, the way are they are teaching us its really amazing I feel lots of improvement in myself now I feel my decision was right.

KTA has improved my communication skills, my overall personality and I have also learnt the social etiquettes.

When I came in KTA I was very bad in communication.KTA instructor has improved my English language.


My body language has improved. Earlier I was embarrassed to speak in front of the class but now I can speak well and confidently. KTA has improved my overall personality.

The day I entered in KTA I found the totally different ambience from outside world. The premises of KTA are entirely professional & the trainers are working on our personality development more then what they are told to do.


At the last I want to say only one thing that made me write all this is the feel I get when I come to KTA is cannot be expressed & the change in me is cannot be described in few words.

I would like to say that KTA has improved me in all the ways It has improved my grooming, communication skill and confidence.It has taught me team work. "I feel change in myself"

After joining KTA my personality has improved, I have learnt how to do a perfect makeup.


Our instructors have helped me in improving my communication skills; I got very useful knowledge of Aviation and Hospitality industry. Our classroom environment is very friendly.

Kingfisher Training Academy is the place I was searching for. When I joined KTA I was not sure where it would take me but as the time passed I came to know this place would help me change in totality.


It changed my attitude towards seeing things in a positive manner. My confidence has grown up to a very high level. I am more professional now and I take work more seriously. In nutshell - It is a makeover for me. I have totally changed and ready to take up anything.

According to me Kingfisher Training Academy is the best Academy to develop personality & communication skills. I have learned to behave with people and deals with customers. KTA has improved my personality.

After my Graduation I was thinking of doing a Professional course and KTA helped me. I was not able to express myself earlier but the trainers helped me.


They did their best to improve each and every student. The ambience of institute was calm and organized. The days which I spent were memorable for me.

In Kingfisher Training Academy, I had improved a lot in my communication skills. It had helped me in various fields: like in gaining confidence and also helped in getting rid of nervousness.


KTA has given me a unique individuality in a professional background.

KTA is the best academy in jaipur. It is better than any other academy which trains in aviation and hospitality.

It was a great time spent with KTA, I have learnt a lot.


Instructors are too good and also very experienced; they know how to treat each individual student even though every student has his/her own mindset.

I joined Kingfisher Training Academy, Jaipur in month of September’08 from then onwards, I see myself as confident lady standing a way ahead from the rest of the crowd.


After completion of Graduation, as a normal girl I started thinking of my career live, as I had many opinion in my hand that made me more confused but I always wanted a job that can guaranteed a job profile of a extremely smart , confident & outstanding personality with lot of money in hand.

Before joining KTA I was very shy and less confident, my instructors helped me come out from this weakness and now I can talk to others without any hesitation and I have also got to know about the corporate world.


Apart from this the training provided by KTA is extremely outstanding and at last I would say that KTA ROCKS!

The period of last six months which I have spent in KTA was excellent experience, which has not only opened avenues to excel in professional life but also played an important role in understanding the extremes of social and professional life too.


The academy has given me launch pad, where I can take off my professional life to the limit of the sky and which I will always give my best effort to let the world know that Kingfisher Training Academy delivers the best in the Business.

Kingfisher Training Academy is the most suitable place for every aviation aspirant. I am highly impressed with the training format of the academy which is incredible and helps the trainee to improve step by step.


The instructors are so commendable and expert that they recognize what a trainee needs to improve. Individual attention is given to every trainee so that we can face interview confidently anywhere.

Kingfisher Training Academy has not only just helped me to become a professional; but has also helped me become a better person full of confidence & grace. The faculty here is extremely humble and friendly.


They helped me to improve my interview skills because of which I was able to face all the interviews with confidence & just in 3 months I got my dream Job as a Cabin Crew. I got compliments for my grooming & communication skills by the interviewers which was only possible because of intensive training I got in KTA.

Kingfisher Training Academy is the only academy where we learn so many things. After joining the academy I really improved myself.


My communication skills and confidence level have improved here. I am really really happy.

I improved my personality in the academy. It has helped me to overcome most of my weaknesses, such as increasing confidence level, my English and now I am more disciplined. I am more groomed and professional.


KTA has placed me in a Five Star Hotel in just few months of my course. I learned from KTA that growth has no limits.KTA is the Right academy to enter in the Aviation and Hospitality Industry.

KTA is provided with the best faculty I've ever met. Basically this academy deals with perfection. It helped me a lot with my communication skills, grooming and personality development.


I've never thought that I would start earning after my Senior Secondary and yes my dream has come true and now I am working with an organization. Thanks a lot Kingfisher Training Academy.

After joining this academy I changed my self in terms of personality, communication and helped me in gaining self confidence. This academy is best as it maintains its standards.


I got a job in a good branded hotel after doing the course.

KTA is very good academy of aviation and hospitality. After joining KTA there are so many changes I can see in myself.


My personality and my english has improved. I also got job soon after my senior secondary in a leading hotel and thus KTA helped me to become independent.

KTA is best academy to improve yourself. I came to know many different and new things. It changed my lifestyle.


It gave me a chance to improve my personality to stand among people. The trainers are very cooperative and like friends. KTA helped me to be independent.

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